CONSTRUCTION SAFETY AND SAFETY FILES: Call us at 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • Site-specific construction health and safety files are required for each construction-related project, per safety spec and Construction Regulations.
  • Files include safety plans, fall protection plans, appointments, safe work procedures, checklists, registers, training documents, and all other documents.
  • We have extensive experience and compile professional construction safety files.
  • Construction audits and contractor control, with site visitation when requested.
  • Registration is held with the SACPCMP.

COMPLIANCE AUDITS: Call us at 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • OHS premises audits are conducted on-premises to determine the company’s compliance with the requirements of the OHS ACT. 
  • We provide compliance certificates as per DOL, DHET, QCTO and other legal requirements.
  • Professional registration as graduates and technical members is held with various bodies, including SAIOSH, as legally required.
  • We have extensive training and experience in various areas and work environments.
  • Ergonomics assessments, surveys, risk assessment and training is done as per Ergonomics Regulations 2019. (Two-yearly legal requirement)

TRAINING: Call us at 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • An employer is legally obliged to provide training and information to staff, at a regular basis, with formal proof and provided by a legally permitted professional facilitator.
  • We provide health and safety and induction training and provide EDTP SETA and TETA accredited certificates.
  • Training provided includes First Aid, Fire, Incident Investigation, Health and Safety Representative, Induction, Legal Liability, HIRA (Hazard and Risk Assessment),Asbestos, Ergonomics and other related training.

RISK ASSESSMENT AND HAZARD IDENTIFICATION: Call us at: 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • Risk assessments are done as a legal requirement to determine the exposure of clients, employees, students, and visitors.
  • This includes fire risks, hazardous chemicals, playgrounds, asbestos, laboratories, stores, and all other offices.
  • Ergonomics risk assessments as per Ergonomics Regulations 2019.
  • Construction risk assessments as per Construction Regulations 2014.

SAFETY SIGNAGE: Call us at: 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • Supply statutory safety signage and compulsory safety posters at the best price.

INCIDENT INVESTIGATION: Call us at: 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • Incident investigations are done to determine the cause of accidents and establish ways to prevent and eliminate risk in the future.
  • Surveys are done to identify environmental impact, fire risk, noise, signage, and general health surveys.
  • Monitoring and data collection for incident investigation purposes.

SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Call us at: 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • Establishing safety committees, the appointment of members and implementation of a working, compliant OHS system.
  • Includes Health and Safety plans, emergency plans, evacuation plans, safe work procedures, registers, risk assessments.
  • Create and maintain safety record-keeping systems.

EVENT SAFETY: Call us at: 071 877 8764 or e-mail to:

  • Appropriate application of the Safety at Sport and Recreation Events ACT 2 OF 2010.
  • Considering due dates, notifying authorities, compiling relevant documents, public liability, safety plan, risk assessment, liquor licensing, scaffolding, electrical compliance, etc.