Safety Files and Construction safety:

  • The OHS ACT requires a site specific Health and Safety file for each construction related project. This includes all changes, such as building, painting, waterproofing, roofing, additions, electrical work, etc.
  • These files should include safe work procedures, minutes of meetings, checklists and registers, legislative documents, attendance registers, training records etc.
  • We supply these safety files as a professional and complete safety system for your company.
  • Registration is held with the SACPCMP.

Legal Compliance Audits:

  • Audits are conducted on premises to determine the company’s compliance to the requirements of the OHS ACT. Registration as graduates, technical and professional members is held with various bodies, including SAIOSH  for DHET and QCTO audits and compliance certification.

Training and Inductions:

  • An employer is obliged to provide training where there is a real and foreseeable risk of the employee being the victim of an incident while attending to their duties; and the conducting of such training would be reasonable practicable regarding the severity and scope of the risk.
  • We provide health and safety and induction training and provide SETA accredited certificates.

Risk assessment and Hazard Identification:

  • Risk assessments are done as a legal requirement to determine exposure of clients, employees, students and visitors.
  • This includes fire risks, hazardous chemicals, playgrounds, laboratories, stores and all other offices.

Safety Signage:

  • Supply statutory safety signage.


  • Incident investigations are done to determine the cause of accidents and establish ways to prevent and eliminate risk in future.
  • Surveys are done to identify environmental impact, fire risk, noise, signage and general health surveys.

Safety system:

  • Establishing safety committees, appointment of members and implementation of a working, compliant OHS system.
  • Includes Health and Safety plans, emergency plans, evacuation plans.
  • Create and maintain safety record keeping systems.

Event Safety:

  • Appropriate application of the Safety at Sport and Recreation Events ACT 2 OF 2010.
  • Considering due dates, notifying authorities, compiling relevant documents, public liability, safety plan, risk assessment, liquor licensing, scaffolding, electrical compliance etc.